11/2023 Autofocus Focus Auto #2 - projektraum viktor bucher / vienna

7/2023 gmunden.photo 2023

photo documentation © David Pichler
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Dear friends,
I would like to cordially invite all of you to the opening of my exhibition STUDIO DAKAR. I spent one month in Senegal’s capital and was inspired by the energy of this impressive, intense, and beautiful metropolis.
Best regards,

Peter Garmusch
Vernissage: 17.5.2023, 19:00
Ausstellungsdauer: 19.5. - 9.6.2023
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Sa 15:00 - 19:00
Ort: Siebensterngasse 52, 1070 Wien
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new home for a women’s wig from Sumatra.

Souvenir 1
Edition of 5 +1

heart with rubber banding now presented at Spitalskirche in Innsbruck for 40 days until 7th of April.

Studio Kampala 1
230x180cm, C-Print,
Edition of 5, 2014
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Dear friends,
to start out 2023 I would like to invite you to my book presentation as well as exhibition Studio Cairo.
In 2021 I spent a month in Cairo. Instead of taking my heavy Linhof Technika and Mamiya RZ67 like I did back in 2016, all I packed this time was my very compact Ricoh GRIII.
This lead me to a completely new and more spontaneous method of working.
It was a lot of work and that in times of corona - now though, my book is finally finished and I am excited to announce that on January 19th I can present it to you in the framework of my exhibition.
In addition to this I have printed, mounted and framed some of my newest works out of the book which will be exhibited and available to purchase.
You can also order the book directly from me for 24€ or a limited special edition version for 39€ of which there are only 36 copies. They are signed, numbered, stamped and wrapped in a sleeve made of original Car Cover fabrics from Cairo made by the talented artist Anita Steinwidder.

The book was published by Verlag für moderne Kunst which includes a text by the talented Verena Kaspar-Eisert and was brilliantly designed by Vandasye.

This all will take place at the new Spektakel in 1050 Wien. My Habibi Hawy Rahman not only took over the new venue and gallery space but he also actively helped me translate my project Studio Cairo into action.
A huge thank you also goes out to the outstanding Mafalda Rakos, who supported me significantly with the project management.

I would love to see you all there and catch up again as well as see new faces and have a chat!
Best regards + I wish you a great 2023,



Exhibition + Book Presentation
Studio Cairo
19.1.2023, 19:00

Hamburgerstrasse 14
1050 Wien

Peter Garmusch - Studio Cairo
Text Verena Kaspar-Eisert 
Design Vandasye 
Softcover, German/ English/ Arabic, 19.2 x 12 cm,
176 pages, 178 images in color
ISBN 978 3 903439436 
24€ inkl. VAT
Printed in Austria 
VfmK Verlag für moderne Kunst, 12/2022 


you wish to order the book or a print? message me via instagram, fb or mail@petergarmusch.com
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9/2022 Fokus Körper Ausstellung / Kunsthalle Graz / Graz

Die Bezeichnung „Körper“ steht vielfach für synonyme Inhalte um die Existenz von Objekten im Raum, während im Kontext der Kunst damit meist der menschliche Körper bezeichnet ist.
Die von Plinius d. Ä. festgehaltene Legende um den Ursprung der Malerei handelt von einem korinthischen Mädchen, dass den Umriss des Schattens seines Geliebten mit einer Linie an der Wand festhält. Ihr Vater füllt die Zeichnung mit Ton, brennt die Form und erfindet so die plastische Darstellung. Mit allen Phasen der Übertragung allerdings geht die Abstraktion vom Motiv zur Darstellung einher. Ein Paradigma somit, das mit der thematischen Ausstellung Körper einmal mehr an Beispielen aktuellen Kunstschaffens erörtert werden will.

Wenzel Mracek

Philipp Bohar
Peter Garmusch
Beate Gatschelhofer
Lotte Hubmann
Zhenia Lapti
Julia Makarenko
Marina Stiegler
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9/2022, DIT, Schleifmühlgasse 1

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2/2022, STADT LAND FLUSS | Fotografische Ortsuntersuchungen
Ausstellung im Bildraum Bodensee
Kuratorin Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Kunst Haus Wien

Künstler:innen: Iris Andraschek, Peter Garmusch, Gerhard Klocker, Anja Manfredi, Peter Schreiner, Herwig Turk

For Bildrecht, photography is one of the most signif- icant media, the authors of which it represents. The co-operation between Bildraum Bodensee, one of Bildrecht’s cultural institutions, and Traklhaus Salzburg to stage an exhibition on contemporary Austrian photography underscores the medium’s importance not just for Bildrecht but also as a form of artistic expression. And it never ceases to amaze me how contemporary and topical this particular visual medium has remained within the artistic debate ever since its invention, not to mention how widely it is used.
The artistic positions showcased at the STADT LAND FLUSS exhibition are a case in point. And even if, in terms of sheer numbers, photography has now become the largest provider of images
in the digital space, it continually references and evokes the pure charm of the analogue. It is, on the one hand, a volatile and transient medium with a definite tendency towards generating a glut of images; yet on the other, it retains both the lightness of touch of a sketch and the narrative force of image-based storytelling. The oeuvres of Iris Andraschek, Peter Garmusch, Gerhard Klocker, Anja Manfredi, Peter Schreiner and Herwig Turk span the genres of drawing, painting, video as
well as installation and object art. Yet their medium of choice when it comes to transforming the explorations of the localities featured here into an exciting, associative visual experience is photography and signature photographic styles. In this exceptional compilation curated by Verena Kaspar-Eisert for the exhibition, the artists reveal themselves as subtle auteur photographers who not only sound out their themes and locations with a photographic eye, but also expand on them to create plausible narratives, as if with a photo- graphic writing implement.
Günter Schönberger | Bildrecht/Bildraum

The street scenes that Austrian artist Peter Garmusch (*1974 in Graz) photographed in Cairo capture unusual and sometimes even bizarre or mysterious occurrences, in ways both subtle and distinctive. They feature cars parked under fabric awnings – random sculptures, as Garmusch calls them. On his forays through the Egyptian metropolis, he is an attentive observer of aesthetic everyday phenomena. Peter Garmusch picks out these magical objects from the dense diversity of the megacity, using photography to peel them out of reality.
His perspective exponentially enhances the objects while filtering out the specific character- istics of the materials and shapes. In some pho- tographs, there is something decidedly spectral about the car sculptures as they appear to fuse with the colour and structure of the street or the backdrop of house façades. Without resorting to any digital post-processing and simply by focusing on the image detail with the brightest sunlight,
he manages to intensify the three-dimensional effect. These wondrous quotidian sculptures are like walk-on characters on the city’s stage.

Ever since its invention as a medium, photography has also served as a scientific method of knowl- edge acquisition. Photographs provided a means of gathering visual evidence during expeditions into uncharted territory. Photographs of towns and cities, of lands and countries, and their waterways provided eloquent testimonies of the world and were used to document (and judge) what was considered ‘foreign’.
Photography is both a means and an opportunity to understand the world. But photographs are always a subjective and deliberately chosen take on reality, a mere approximation of reality itself – be it towns and cities, lands and countries, or indeed rivers.
The photographers featured at the exhibi-
tion STADT LAND FLUSS – Iris Andraschek, Peter Garmusch, Gerhard Klocker, Anja Manfredi, Peter Schreiner and Herwig Turk – have each used very different photographic methods in approaching their specific locality.
The title of the exhibition references the epony- mous general knowledge and word game popular in German-speaking countries that consists of writing down as quickly as possible the names of a town, country and river, all starting with the same nomi- nated letter. A word is enough; no further information about the localities is required. By contrast, the art- ists featured at the exhibition have engaged in depth and over a longer period of time with their chosen locality. Driven by a keen interest to understand and to convey, the artists have contributed multi-layered photographic explorations of places and localities to the exhibition, without any claim to objectivity.
By the same token, the triad of town/city, land/ country and river is also an extremely succinct yet accurate description of Salzburg as capital of the federal province of the same name. The city and land (i.e. province) attributions apply equally to the capital of the federal province of Vorarlberg. Here the defining and characteristic waterways are the Bregenzer Ach and Lake Constance. The hierarchy of importance particular to the attributions remains a matter of opinion and a question of perspective.
Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Curator
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10/2021 STADT LAND FLUSS – Fotografische Ortserkundungen

Kunst im Traklhaus 29. 10. – 4. 12. 2021

mit Arbeiten von: Iris Andraschek, Peter Garmusch, Anja Manfredi, Peter Schreiner, Herwig Turk

Kuratorin Verena Kaspar-Eisert
Kunst im Traklhaus

Die Fotografie dient seit der Erfindung des Mediums auch als wissenschaftliche Erkenntnismethode. Auf Expeditionen in unbekanntes Terrain wurde das Lichtbild zur visuellen Beweisführung eingesetzt. Fotografien von Städten, Ländern und Gewässern legten Zeugnis ab von der Welt und wurden zur Dokumentation (und Beurteilung) des Fremden herangezogen.
Fotografie ist Mittel und Möglichkeit, die Welt
zu verstehen. Fotografien sind aber immer auch ein subjektiver und bewusst gesetzter Ausschnitt der Realität, eine bloße Annäherung an die Wirklichkeit – etwa an Stadt, Land oder Fluss.
Die Fotograf:innen der Ausstellung STADT LAND FLUSS – Iris Andraschek, Peter Garmusch, Gerhard Klocker, Anja Manfredi, Peter Schreiner und Herwig Turk – nähern sich mit ganz unterschiedlichen foto- grafischen Methoden einem spezifischen Ort an.
Der Titel der Ausstellung lässt an das gleichna- mige Wissens- und Wortspiel denken, bei dem mög- lichst schnell zu einem vorgegebenen Buchstaben eine Stadt, ein Land und ein Fluss niedergeschrieben werden muss. Es reicht das Wort, weitere Informa- tionen zu den Orten sind nicht notwendig. Ganz im Gegensatz dazu setzen sich die Künstler:innen der Ausstellung eingehend und über einen längeren Zeit- raum mit einem Ort auseinander. Angetrieben durch ein ausgeprägtes Interesse, zu verstehen und zu vermitteln, bringen die Künstler:innen vielschichtige fotografische Ortsuntersuchungen in die Ausstellung ein – ohne Anspruch auf Objektivität.
Die Trias Stadt, Land, Fluss ist zudem eine äußerst knappe, gleichwohl zutreffende Beschrei- bung der Landeshauptstadt Salzburg. Auch auf die Vorarlberger Landeshauptstadt treffen sowohl die Zuschreibungen Stadt als auch Land gleicherma- ßen zu. Die ortsprägenden Gewässer sind hier die Bregenzer Ach und der Bodensee. Die Bedeutungshi- erarchie der Zuschreibungen bleibt jeweils Ansichts- sache und eine Frage des Blickwinkels.
Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Kuratorin

9/2021 Studio Dakar #1
180x230cm, Edition of 5 +1AP, 4x5'' printing in the Lab
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12/2020 Quarantarium: Resilience in the Time of COVID 19
An online group exhibition
Presenting Sasan Abri from Iran and Peter Garmusch and Anita Steinwidder from Austria
curated by Nirvana Parvizi

Kooshk Residency in collaboration with
Moshen Gallery Tehran and the
Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran

From December 1 to 31, 2020

Knowing no borders and boundaries, pandemics create new situations and with common concerns to all people. The “Quarantarium” project revolves around the works of three artists living in different geographic, experiential circumstances. The creative processes of these artists were influenced by the pandemic and their lifestyles and approaches were impacted while they were making their artworks.
This group exhibition is the outcome of Kooshk Residency’s artist exchange program that is held without the physical presence of the artists. Sasan Abri from Iran-Tehran, and Peter Garmusch and Anita Steinwidder from Austria-Vienna, are the artists of the exhibition, which is held with the support of and in partnership with Austrian Cultural Forum from December 1 through December 31, 2020, on the virtual walls of Tehran’s Mohsen Gallery.
“Quarantarium” is a coined word, consisting of “quarantine” and “aquarium”: enclosed by a glass wall, aquatic animals in an aquarium perceive the world around them through seemingly a transparent membrane, but are unable to live outside the enclosure. This is a simple metaphor of our contemporary lives: our only connection to the outside world is through the screens of our smartphone or computer, only intensified by the quarantine conditions. The artistic processes of these series of works are not mere carbon copies or formal translations of the outside world, but invisible bridge between ideas and their unseen natures and roots. The series of artworks exhibited in “Quarantarium” project is the result of a consistent comprehension of the artists’ past and inner worlds, whose wounds had not been opened before the pandemic.
Sasan Abri is the photographer of urban spaces, cityscapes, and the transient moments of life. In order to execute his unique semi-impressionistic techniques in his “Nest” series, he has chosen a harsh cross-hatching approach to conveying the subject matters, shifting the position of the background and the foreground. The alternation of the relationship between the subject and the object is the result of the artist’s contemplations in quarantine as he was experiencing his self- imposed solitude for several months.
Peter Garmusch is an artist who loves exploring new territories and making journeys with no sense of belonging to his hometown: he travels to near and faraway places to incorporate his random observations into his artworks, trying to be unbiased by conventional assumptions as
best as he can. By upsetting the origin-destination equation and confining everything to the starting point, the pandemic has deprived Garmusch of his ability to travel, transforming the physical, geographic routes into imaginary, subjective paths in the space of his studio and led him to create his “Studio Vienna” Series.
Anita Steinwidder’s earlier works revolved around re-defining attires and making cloth collages in a conceptual fashion. Here in her “Reconstruction: Father and Mother” series, she has made a trip down the memory lane to revisit her estranged childhood. In order to create new forms, the artist has assembled the shoes that she has kept from the time she had spent with his grandparents, using a technique that is different from those of cobblers. The works represented here are following dimensional forms on the outside; on the inside, however, they are inspired by a pastoral childhood.
These works can hardly be classified under aesthetic, social, and political categories; they are, rather, studies of the artists’ own individual, biological concerns that have emerged during the quarantine era. These bodies of works are woven with hope, sorrow, self-awareness, and growth, while their substance is shaped by individuality.

9/2020 Vienna Design Week/ Design EveryDay - kuratiert von Vandasye / Festivalzentrale Wien
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4/2020 Schaufenster Presse
Rekombination, Türkei
in Zusammenarbeit mit Hawy Rahman
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2/2020 Show Off - Austrian Fashion Design / MAK / Wien

Contemporary fashion designed/made in Austria is the focus of the first comprehensive major exhibition on Austrian fashion design. A time travel through fashion design in all its facets from the 1980s until today shows the wide spectrum of designers who are from Austria, work here, or were educated here in fashion. Embedded into a spectacular, spatial installation by architect Gregor Eichinger, SHOW OFF: Austrian Fashion Design makes the artistic work of creative disciplines tangible on multiple levels in the context of fashion.
Fashion as an object in the form of an item of clothing is presented by significant fashion statements by approximately 60 designers from the past four decades. The exhibition begins with Rudi Gernreich’s late work, whose designs from LA in the late 1970s revolutionized the global approach to fashion, and Viennese U-fashion with its stars at the time, such as Ledea Muard, Marc Thomas Merz, or Schella Kann. Viennese cult labels such as Wendy&Jim and fabrics interseason, “big player” Andreas Kronthaler, for the past two years part of the label “Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood,” and the renowned younger generation—represented in the exhibition among others by Kenneth Ize—contribute to the formation of a multifaceted scene with an international standing. In her “Wiener Salon,” Susanne Bisovsky has been working on exceptional creations, which will be presented in the exhibition, since 1996.

Additionally, works by 30 photographers give insight into Austrian fashion photography. Documentaries on legendary and formative events, magazines, and interviews give an impression of the social and cultural perception of fashion as a phenomenon.
Christian Anwander, Conny de Beauclair, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Anna Blau, Bela Borsodi, Michael Dürr, Marina Faust, Lukas Gansterer, Peter Garmusch, Irina Gavrich, Mark Glassner, Yasmina Haddad, Gerhard Heller, Anaïs Horn, Raphael Just, Jakob Lena Knebl, Bettina Komenda, Rudi Molacek, Markus Morianz, Stefanie Moshammer, Elsa Okazaki, Günter Parth, Bernd Preiml, Rafaela Pröll, Hanna Putz, Peter Rigaud, Markus Rössle, Elfie Semotan, Daliah Spiegel, Udo Titz, Helga Traxler, Esther Vörösmarty, Jork Weismann, Erwin Wurm, Wolfgang Zac, Maria Ziegelböck

Guest Curator: Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler
Guest Co-Curator: Andreas Bergbaur
Scientific Advisor: Brigitte Winkler
Exhibition Architecture: Gregor Eichinger
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Wien - Eisenberg - London

Studio Cairo @ Projektraum Viktor Bucher 3.5.- 1.6.2019

opening May 2, 7pm
Praterstrasse 13/1/2, 1020 Vienna
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4/2019 Osterschinken 2
Gruppenausstellung - Land Art Eisenberg

Studio Cairo Exhibition

22.03.2019 – 28.03.2019
Opening: 21.03.2019, 19:00 Uhr
AFA Lindengasse 27/1, 1070 Wien

Studio Kampala

6/2018 printing BodaBoda Portraits from the "Studio Kampala" Project -- 60x75cm
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4/2018 printing "Studio Cairo" at the Photolab
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3/2018 part of a group show at Exposition Jennersdorf together with Jack Bauer, Nicolas Dellamartina, Christian Eisenberger, Jenny Feldmann, Stephanus Heidacker, Thomas Hornemann, Karl Karner, Ronald Kodritsch, Heinz Leitner, Silvia Lorenz, Oliver Marceta, Peter Pilz, RESANITA, Niko Sturm, Florian Unterberger, Walter Vopava, Michel Würthle and Ronald Zechner


2/2018 "Skulpturalität und Fotografie" together with Herbert Hofer at Lumina/Vienna with my new installation cube (black spotlight arrangement) named "hell" amongst other work from the "Studio Cairo" and "Turbulent Gold" series
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1/2018 Prints from the series "Shoot a Load" in the Exhibition "Found" at Rauminhalt / Vienna together with Vandasye.
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1/2018 large format & heavy weight "studio cairo #7" transport to Vienna
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12/2017 Yearbook "Entkunstung"
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11/2017 Groupshow in Berlin
"fashion objects, concepts & Visions"
me Collectors Room / Stiftung Olbricht / Berlin
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AAI Graz
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5/2017 Josephinum
Sammlung der medizinischen Universität Wien

mit Interventionen von
Judith Fegerl / Peter Garmusch
Stephanie Pflaum / Samuel Schaab
Anna Witt
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4/2017 Take Festival Vienna

"Pascha" 15.4.2017 at Exposition /
Landart Eisenberg
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„PASCHA“ Karsamstag 15.4.2017 um 13 Uhr in Jennersdorf - Bahnhofring 3 - EXPOSITION.

10/2016 Rekombination
This sculpture and six more will be shown at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai starting from December 9th.
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Die Kunstprojekte der Arbeiterkammer Wien und
ihre Sammlung

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large format in the lab
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upcoming project: Studio Cairo
04/ 2016

VERNISSAGE - Donnerstag 1.10.2015
Ein Projekt von Peter Garmusch und Hawy Rahman
Ab 18:00 Uhr
Urban Loritz Platz vor der Stadtbücherei
1070 Wien

Peter Garmusch noch bis 4.10.

Taxi Park Nakasero


working at the "studio kampala", a project in uganda
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